Wheathill Benefice Barton St. David, Keinton Mandeville, Kingweston, West Lydford
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Jane Sedgman

Lay Minister

Jane Sedgman

The Wheathill Benefice is at present in vacancy, which means there is currently no resident vicar. However it is “business as usual” in these parishes and we have a committed team of lay ministers, church wardens and retired clergy, who offer their energy and experience to maintain a full and lively ministry in these villages. We aspire to be a family of Christian people who seek to make Jesus a real presence in our communities by helping those in any sort of need, and to show & celebrate the love and grace of God for all his creation.

There is a varied timetable of services, both lay and clergy led, to which visitors are most welcome, and each parish church maintains strong pastoral and community links into the four villages. In addition to annual celebrations and services around the major church festivals we celebrate Harvest, still very relevant in a largely rural community, with village activities and meals, support and participate in the local Community Car Scheme, a highly successful Parish Lunch and a newly developed Christmas Tree Festival.

We have good links too with our fellow Christians in other churches. Notably our relationship with the Methodist Church is well established with regular joint services and a sound pastoral overview. We greatly value the mutual support and co-operation this provides.

If you are aware of any need that the church can address please let us know.

Contact for weddings, funerals, baptisms, Home Communions and visiting or pastoral care can be made through the church wardens or Jane Sedgman our Licensed Reader (Lay Minister) on 01458 223237 or email lowerfarm@btconnect.com and also through the Benefice Administrator, Sue Graham at wheathillbenefice@gmail.com

Chair of the Benefice Council

Ted Alexander

Each of the parishes within the Wheathill Benefice is served by a PCC (Parish Church Council) - consisting of the Church Wardens, a Treasurer and a number of volunteers that have been elected to assist with overseeing the running of the churches activities.

All of the Church Wardens within the Benefice, together with a representative from each PCC and our Lay Minister, Mrs Jane Sedgman form a Benefice Council, which is chaired by Ted Alexander, past Lay Chair of the Deanery Synod.